What about battery charging and life?
Full charge is achieved after approximately 2 hours of charge time. The battery can last up to 60 hours on standyby, and up to 6 hours if used non-stop at maximum capacity (music on loud volume).

How does my helmet and the IntelliQuin features update?
Quin Helmets are ever-evolving through updates in the Arc Chip firmware as well as the QUIN Ride App. Updates to the Arc Chip in your helmet will be made available for download through the Quin website (www.quin.design) and run through the micro-USB charging port on the helmet. Updates through the QUIN Ride App (iOS and Android) will be made available through the App/Play store.

What operating systems are supported?
The free QUIN Ride App is available for iOS and Android. Helmet bluetooth connectivity. Quin Helmets feature a custom bluetooth communication system, which has been designed to be as open of a system as possible ensuring that users can pair it with any compatible device (including 3rd party devices and intercom systems) or app in addition to the designated QUIN Ride App.

What about intercom?
Using the Voice Command feature, you may easily place a call to another rider and communicate through two Quin helmets or a Quin helmet and another device. Quin Helmets do not feature their own intercom protocol (YET!), but are compatible with many 3rd party systems. All future intercom capabilities will be made available through device firmware upgrades and/or App updates.

How good is the audio quality, really?
By designing the integrated technology and helmets simultaneously, Quin has been able to achieve a first-of-its-kind experience. Interior and exterior noise is reduced by pre-integrating the technology, ensuring that wires, speakers, microphones, as well as the control panel do not create unwanted gaps or additional bulk. This also ensures that the safety, fit and comfort of the helmet is uncompromised by user-error or add-ons. The result is an industry-leading experience for audio quality. Additionally, this seamless integration plays an important part in the quality of the IntelliQuin Crash Detection and other features.

Is the embedded tech waterproof?
The Quin Arc Chip meets or exceeds IP67 - Submerged at 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Normal helmet usage with exposure to some moisture (sweat) is expected. The technology is designed to be protected by the helmet from exposure to water/rain.

If I drop my helmet, will it send out Crash Alert notifications to my emergency contacts?
NO. The IntelliQuin system relies on a complex algorithm to detect crashes. The system is designed to act automatically only in worst-case senarios when the detection systemindicates the rider has likely experienced a concussive or incapacitating event. Among other factors, the helmet must experience peak g-force of 70 g’s, which is more than a medium impact typically will produce.

Can I call for help if needed?
YES. This is an important feature of Quin Helmets. You can manually trigger the SOS Beacon to share your LIVE LOCATION with emergency contacts at any time by triple-clicking the call button.