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Quin has one mission  - to provide riders with modern safety essentials that offer better, holistic protection.

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Every Quin helmet features Automatic Crash Detection, an S.O.S. Beacon button, emergency alerts and the option for a direct link to 911 emergency services supported by a 5 diamond level monitoring center.

*Q Protect feature is available for USA users only

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Integrated Bluetooth & Communication System

Integrated Bluetooth & Communication System


Hands Free Calls

pair to your phone to make and receive calls on-the-move


Seamless Audio

listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks through your favorite app.


Maps Navigation

listen to navigation alerts from your maps app to ensure you never miss a turn.


Voice Assistant

access Siri or Hey Google to manage your media and calls.

Quin technology is invisibly integrated to ensure zero compromise to the fit, comfort, weight, aerodynamics and design of each helmet model.

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IntelliQuin Smart

The IntelliQuin™ smart system makes Quin helmets the first motorcycle helmet to offer Automatic Crash Detection and S.O.S. Beacon.


Automatic Crash Detection

Quin specializes in crash detection for motorcyclists and has been helping riders get help in emergencies since 2018.


S.O.S. Beacon

For every non-crash emergency, a Quin rider can manually trigger the S.O.S. Beacon through the panic button on their helmet or in the Quin app.


Helmet Drop Detection

Your smart helmet won’t call for help for every drop, ding, or bump. Quin’s algorithms identify drops and send you an alert to check your helmet for damage.


Future-Proof Upgrades

Quin’s technology is always evolving, and Quin helmets are designed to be upgradeable to give riders the best experience.

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Get detailed

Join Quin APEX to record each ride and deep dive into your speed, distance, time, consistency and even crash analytics. We put the power of your ride data in your hands to help you achieve your riding goals.


Scan the QR Code to download the Quin app now. Compatible with every Quin helmet.

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Quin Riders

What matters most. What real riders have to say after experiencing thousands of miles or real life-saving events with a Quin helmet.

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True story: was on the way to work. Truck in front of me slowed way down on a sharp curve. Got sqirley on some sand and I can only assume I high sided. When I came to, emergency response was already surrounding me and my ICE contact was notified [by Quin]. It was kind of funny when I woke up with an EMT standing over me and my brother was calling me. The helmet answered automatically. Even though I knew the voice in my head was legit, I was not about to start talking to it with the EMT standing over me when I just woke up on the side of the road.

Phil Sweren

COMFORT, LIGHT WEIGHT, and GOOD VENTILATION. As a custom bike builder, there are a lot of reasons why I chose the Quin Ghost. Style, comfort, weight, safety and cool tech are all boxes that I want to check off.C rash detection, SOS beacon, a cool app, and a really great integrated Bluetooth/audio system take these helmets to a whole new level. I wear one daily... The guys at the shop wear them, and my wife & my kids wear them.

James Patience, Owner, Ground Zero Customs

I've been rider since 1977 on street and a professional riding instructor since 1996 teaching everything from basic street to dirt to track. On average I ride 1,000 miles a week in all kinds of conditions. I used an Arai helmet for 20 years before Quin. I've done over 100,000 miles in my Quin helmets and l love the light weight, quietness, and integrated tech.

Anthony Addison, MSF Rider Coach

It's worth it! The Ghost Umbra notified my wife of my accident and she has law enforcement on scene within 7 minutees to the exact location of my accident. The driver who caused the accident fled, BUT I was safe, my wiife knew my location, and help arrived. With the way this company cared about me and my family, I won't be buying helmets from anyone else. Take my advice and invest in peace of mind.

Nick Nankervis

Five Stars! I'm crazy mad about my Quin Ghost Umbra Carbon Edition! I am so stoked to wear it while I race on the salt flats at Bonneville World Finals in September. Safety is #1 with me. I love the helmet for its light weight! When I'm going 70+mph it doesn't make my head bob around in the wind like my other helmets. I'm stoked to have a Quin helmet on my head and hoping for my 3rd land speed record.

Kristin Steward, Bonneville Landspeed Record Holder

I can’t ride without this bluetooth helmet, and combined with being one of the safest motorcycle helmets available- it just doesn’t make sense to have anything else.

Noel F.

26,000 miles on helmet. My opinion: I love this helmet. It exceeds my expectations. It feels lighter than it is, and it is so light. I am 67, I ride around 3,000 to 4,000 miles a month. I had neck problems from the weight of my BILT, helmet. At higher speeds, the Bluetooth is great, especially listening to music. Thank you. I love wearing it. I even sleep with it on. OK, Thats a lie. But It is worth every penny.

Larry Cook

I've done so much research into my next helmet, and there are some good ones, some very pricey ones, but Quin's not only ticked all the boxes they completely 'upped the bar', setting a new standard for safety & service. All this at a very reasonable price point. Hands down, the best helmets you can own.