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APEX membership unlocks advanced safety options for those who prefer to entrust their safety to professionals rather than friends and family (emergency contacts).


Q Protect Monitoring

Professional, human support from experts to ensure that every safety event is followed up on.


Q Protect 911

Trust your safety to experts for validation and transfer to 911 for EMS dispatch.


Q Protect Rich *Data

Get meaningful incident data including rider profile, vehicle profile, location, and medical info to 911.


Q Protect Updates

Keep your emergency contacts in-the-know with in-app updates for event detection, Q Protect alerted, 911 alerted, and case closure.


Crash Protection

Analyze every impact with detail on speed at impact, speed change, distance traveled after impact, and impact severity category.


Unlimited S.O.S.

Access unlimited S.O.S. Beacons after using the monthly 12 free options

*All data fields are optional. The rider controls what they want to share with 911.
*Q protect feature is available for USA users only

Apex Circle Benefit

APEX membership unlocks advanced features for the rider, but also equips the rider’s circle of friends and family (emergency contacts) with additional, expert support through Q Protect.

*Q protect feature is available for USA users only

The data that matters most.

APEX unlocks all options for planning, recording, and analyzing ride data and provides a deep dive into stats and trends on speed, distance, time, elevation and more. On the safety side, it also unlocks access to crash analytics so that every rider can unpack what they experienced and decide whether they want to share with their medical team.

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Every helmet purchase comes with 1 month of FREE APEX membership. Choose between monthly or annual billing for maximum savings and year-round access to ride analytics and advanced safety options. Price of APEX includes Q Protect professional monitoring services, call to 911 for dispatch of EMS, and rich data transfer to 911.

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