The smart safety app, now with data on every ride.


Deep Dive into your analytics

Data on every ride

Data at your fingertips to help you reach your goals - whether that’s safer, smoother riding, shorter commutes, or faster track times. Record your rides and track your speed- max and average, cruising time, mileage, consistency, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and more.

Data on all rides

Track your progress over time. Compare your rides over a week, several months and years. Whether you ride hours a month or hours a day, never miss analyzing your data over time.

Ride smarter!

Smart ride plan plots weather, air quality and wind speed over the intended route allowing riders to avoid uncomfortable, unideal or dangerous conditions. Saving ride plans provides easy access for previewing and navigating frequently used routes.

The All new
Ride Pro

Plan, record, save & analyze every part of your ride.

Q Score quality rating

A reference point for safety

The Q-Score is a metric of the frequency, consistency, and safe habits of each ride. The higher the score, the safer and more consistent the ride style.

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