Crash Detection specifically customized for motorcyclists

The most severe, dangerous impacts are often experienced in the shortest amount of time. Quin’s highly specialized system detects impacts within milliseconds, differentiates between helmet drops and major crashes and puts all of that data in the rider’s hands.

In the case of an emergency, Quin sends mission critical location, health and safety data to the rider’s trusted circle and 911.* Alerts are sent to emergency contacts via SMS, e-mail, and push notification. APEX members receive additional, 5 diamond level monitoring center call support.

*911 integration is an optional APEX membership feature. Health and safety information is optional.
**Q protect feature is available for USA users only

Q protect
Rapid Response

*Q Protect provides professional monitoring and emergency dispatch for riders who want to entrust their safety to experts instead of friends and family alone. Q Protect links emergency data including name, accident location, vehicle info, medical and health info and impact analytics to local 911 Public Safety Answering Points most capable of rapid response.

*Q protect feature is available for USA users only

Mark Safe Option

When a rider is confirmed to be safe, the Crash or SOS alert can be canceled by either the rider themselves, or by their emergency contacts. Marking the rider as safe will send out a new alert to all emergency contacts.

Just press 3x
to trigger SOS

An Easy! panic button built-in to every Quin helmet.

Get help with
just 1 tap

The S.O.S. Beacon can be triggered from the helmet or the Quin app. The S.O.S. button features on every screen in the app making it the easiest way to call for help when it’s needed on-the-move. The S.O.S. Beacon broadcasts the live location of the rider until it is canceled.

Crash Pro provides impact analytics including speed at impact, speed comparison before and after impact, distance traveled after impact and severity rating to APEX members.

He went out to get milk for oreos and gripe water for our son. I don’t even remember what I said to him before he left. Then I got this heart-stopping notification. The Quin helmet I got him for his birthday last week may have saved his life, and notified me he was in an accident. Because of his helmet, I was able to call 911 and have them dispatch officers to his exact location. They got there before I did, and called me to let me know he was okay. I am so grateful Nick is unharmed, and thankful he had a Quin helmet when it happened. His phone got run over. We will recommend Quin helmets for the rest of our lives.

Teddi Nankervis

"True story: was on the way to work. Truck in front of me slowed way down on a sharp curve. Got sqirley on some sand and I can only assume I high sided. When I came to, emergency response was already surrounding me and my ICE contact was notified [by Quin].
It was kind of funny when I woke up with an EMT standing over me and my brother was calling me. The helmet answered automatically. Even though I knew the voice in my head was legit, I was not about to start talking to it with the EMT standing over me when I just woke up on the side of the road."

Phil Sweren

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