Quin Rider: Nick Nankervis

Nick Nankervis, took his motorcycle to pick up milk for Oreos and Gripe water for his 2 month old son. Just a few minutes from home, a vehicle in front of him suddenly slammed to a stop. Oncoming traffic prevented Nick from being able to get out of the stopped lane, and his back tire slid out sending him skidding down the road on his right side. The car that caused the accident fled. 

Nick tried to find his phone to call the police, but couldn't because it had been hurled onto the road and was already smashed by a car. Only 7 minutes later, police were at his exact location to check on him. Three minutes after that Teddi, his wife, showed up crying. 

Nick's wife, Teddi,  purchased a Quin Design helmet for Nick's birthday just two weeks before his accident. With baby Jack at home, Teddi wanted to make sure Nick was staying safe while out enjoying his motorcycle. 

When Teddi received the alert Nick had crashed, she assumed that he had just dropped his helmet at the gas station. It was when she tried calling him and couldn’t get through that she started to panic. Using the GPS location provided in the QUIN Ride App, Teddi called 911 and gave the dispatcher the area, street name and position of the crash. 

Nick said the police were "astounded" at the capabilities of the Quin Design helmet and accuracy of the location that the Intelliquin system provided to Teddi. 

Teddi said: “Because of his helmet, I was able to call 911 and have them dispatch officers to his exact location. They got there before I did, and called me to let me know he was okay… I am so thankful Nick is unharmed, and thankful he had a Quin Design helmet when it happened.”

Crucial to Nick's experience is that the Quin Design helmet detected and authenticated the impact quickly enough to store his location in Quin servers prior to Nick's phone being destroyed on the road. Teddi received the alert in the QUIN Ride App and could navigate herself and the police to the accident scene even though Nick's phone was no longer working. 

Quin Design is proud to have been able to serve this young family well, providing life-saving assistance and peace of mind when it is needed the most. Nick is recovering from injuries to his arm and leg, but has no head or neck injuries and says “the helmet did its job.”

Thank you to the Dayton, Ohio Police who provided rapid response and considerate support to the Nankervis family. 

September 05, 2020 — Conrad Lewis